FREECITY is a visual language: shapes, colors, and symbols. The idea being, that anyone in the world speaking any language could understand. LIFE NATURE LOVE, FREECITY, LETSGOtogether, NEIGHBORHOOD, all inclusive words and phrases we have used from beginning and continue to use. The art is dictated by the time capsule we are creating. We collect words and symbols every time we make a new time capsule or "snowglobe" that is added to FREECITY's world.

FREECITY is really about fantasy and moments of time, but more important, it's about a shared experience, a human experience, an interactive experience. For my memories, but also for others memories of what they identify and connect to in these moments; to experience moments of intimate memory or nostalgia in this space we share, together.

Everything in the spaces we make are imagined, and many times, made completely by, FREECITY. We have not hired designers or architects to create spaces, identify or graphics. Not knowing how to make something and then finding a way to make it is the ethos of FREECITY: all is possible. Dream to real. This is the challenge, the beauty and the gift of FREECITY

-Nina Garduno,