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In celebration of FREECITY’s 20 year anniversary, we are making our most iconic prints as they were made then - hand thrown, hand mixed paint, on screen mixed fades. All made in small batches as this is the only way they can be made - by hand, one by one.

Every one of these t-shirts has purpose and meaning in their seemingly simple form - not simply made. Each coming from their own ecosystem of the stories they were telling. To see them now again is really powerful for me - this is so much of the beginning foundation of FREECITY. They completely hold up. Each one perfectly imperfect. We grounded dreams and grew worlds and environments around the inspiration of these graphics.

Mixing materials -

Satin, cashmere, nylon, cotton, goose down, wool, along with hand-picked army sleeping bags to create a vintage uberluxury mixup - mixing old and new materials, print and patch, to thread together our beginnings and the NOW of what we are able to make.

We wanted to make these ideas and stories better than we were able to make them the first time around - with the nostalgia and the memory intact. In other words, we wanted to make them as good as we remembered them, which in fact are made better now, than they were made then.

We got this chance in the “looking back” in our history to re-imagine how to make these pieces again, and to evolve the origins of the “stories/ installations” that we have made over 20 years. Things we couldn’t make 20 years ago, we can do now - using all of the knowledge that could have only been gained by time. The gift of the experience of time spent learning and absorbing ways to make things better.

Returning to hand printing and on-screen mixed gradients, using artisanal local factories and custom developed materials and fabrications, washes and dye techniques, with the final hand customized detailing - patches, repairs and a final home wash - all completed in our workshop in Hollywood, CA.

This all being mixed with Loro Piana cashmere, goose down, and our dedication to our continued project - RETURNtoUSE, in this case using salvaged army sleeping bags.