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I was thinking about magnetism, the pull of energy and the intense charisma that stars carry - the pull towards them and their work.

The first person that came to mind was Annie Lennox in 1983. I imagined what she would wear performing. The first time I saw her with her electric orange buzzed hair, I remembered feeling the energy. Almost at the same time, I thought of Georgia O’keeffe in Abiquiu, New Mexico. Equally androgynous with extraordinary beauty - both brave, inspirational ice-breaking Mavericks.

Georgia O'Keeffe in Abiquiu. The image of her imprinted in my mind, wearing fine robes/kimonos in the 30’s and 40’s in the middle of the desert. Making and surrounded by her work, her collected objects, and textiles.
I imaged what she would be wearing inside her naturally lit adobe compound and her walkabouts exploring.

Using gently washed Loro Piana cashmere super 100’s, Japanese indigo, and painter white cotton materials. Workshop made hand-detailed patches and trims.